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It has been a long time that we have been living with COVID, and with the condition of our nation and near and dear ones going from bad to worse it is normal to feel depressed, stressed, and sad. These times aren’t easy, and it takes a lot of effort to pull ourselves together and have faith and belief that things will one day get better. We got in touch with leading aromatherapist, Dr. Blossom Kochhar to help our readers get through these difficult time with the help of aromatherapy.

“You know stress, sadness and depression can have a very adverse effect on your hormones and can lead to sickness and mental illness. Since I have been into Aromatherapy for years, I use essential oils to calm myself during these times. I use these oil in different ways to relax myself, like I use it in my bath water, or apply them on my feet to give a cold sensation, or sprinkle it in my room, on potpourri or use it in a diffuser; the aroma of these oils and its properties gives me a calming effect,” says Dr Kochhar.

The beauty guru shared a list of oils that you should use during these times:

The best oil to relieve you from stress is Sandalwood oil. You can put it in a diffuser or in your bath water or use it as a perfume every day and this will surely de-stress you. That is the reason why people use sandalwood as tilak because it instantly cools your mind.

Another oil that helps a great deal with stress and depression is Jasmine oil. This oil is used a lot in weddings and in temples because this oil instantly peps you up and relaxes your muscles.

Another that is wonderful to cure anxiety is Rose oil. Use this oil in bath water or as a perfume.

The nights have particularly been difficult, when we lay down in our beds our thoughts go back to every news that we have heard and feel bad about the people suffering. This causes difficulty in sleeping, and insomnia in some cases. So, to help you with your sleep use lavender oil. Sprinkle 2-3 drops of it on your pillow or light a diffuser and put 5-6 drops. You can also put 2-3 drops on your palms & on your solar plexus that will help you sleep better.

It is important to take care of the elderly of your home, they must have a gush of emotions that many are not even able to express. To help them with their anxiety and depression use ylang ylang. Apply it on their hair after a bath, they can soak their feet in ylang ylang water or they can even use it as a perfume every day.

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