Transgender model from Kerala on her way to represent India globally


Express News Service

KOCHI: Sruthy Sithara is on cloud nine, and you can feel it over the phone. Ms Trans Global India is on her way to represent her country on a global stage in London that begins on June 12. Due to the pandemic threat, the event is being held virtually, but that doesn’t dampen her spirits. 

“I never expected to win the Ms Trans Global India title. I was ecstatic. This being the pride month, it is a push to my community too. It’s a huge opportunity and I am proud to be able to represent my country and my community on a global platform,” Sruthy says.Sruthy does admit that lockdown has made it hard to meet people and make arrangements. “I am getting a lot of help from my friends and the community. I have some grooming sessions planned, the costumes are getting ready,” she explains. 

The beauty pageant will have many rounds — starting with an introductory round, moving on to question and answer round, talent round and bikini rounds. She plans to showcase her acting skills for the talent round. 

Getting her crown
Sruthy is a bit sad that the virtual competition is keeping her away from meeting and greeting other participants. From hiding in a male body to being globally recognised, Sruthy has come a long way. She went through the full transition in 2018.

“I was working at the Social Justice department then. I think, especially because of that, I didn’t face many difficulties. My family was also understanding of my decision,” says Sruthy.An effeminate Sruthy faced bullying throughout school and college. “All my life I was hiding. It was when I went to college that I met others in the community,” she says. 

Sruthy’s big dream is to become an actor. The pageant winner is on her way to work on some Malayalam movies soon. “I want to become a character actor, portray realistic roles through the screen,” she says. Even though Malayalam movie has a lot of transgender talents working behind the scene, there are very few representations on screen. Sruthy is hoping that changes.

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