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Horoscopes indeed influence our perceptions and lifestyle choices. Even though every person has their own individuality and uniqueness, it feels liberating to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

You can dress however you want, style your hair in whichever way and accessorize your look with whatever you desire, these zodiac wardrobe styles are variable and these styling tips could help you find your true characteristic fashion silhouette and trends. From Bohemian to glitzy, you can be anyone and wear anything you feel like.

1. Pisces

Celebrity icon – Rihanna

  • This tropical sign will always choose fashion over the weather. They love to include skirts in their outfits and will never feel timid with a little skin-showing. They are obsessed with footwear and could easily walk a ramp or even dance in heels. Their fashion style is swanky, rebellious, and adorable. Their wardrobe color is coral.
  • OOTD- Wear a pastel blue sundress with a lace neck and knotted back. Style your hair into half-tied, twin tails and accessorize your outfit with a pair of white pencil heels.
  • 2. Leo

    Celebrity icon – Jennifer Lopez

  • This lion sign is infamous for its sultry and bold fashion statements. They love extravagant pieces of jewellery, vivid patterns, and sequins. They have a huge knack for animal prints and fine fabrics. Their fashion style is avant-garde and polished. Their wardrobe color is purple.
  • OOTD-Wear a pair of whimsical printed pants with a halter-neck top, accessorized by square-framed sunglasses and golden jewellery.
  • 3. Aries

    Celebrity icon- Emma Watson

  • This fire sign is very fond of co-ord sets and adorning hair accessories like hats and headbands. This sign is one of the most fashionable signs and their fashion style is casually chic. Their wardrobe color is red.
  • OOTD-Wear a pair of baggy sweatpants and pair them with a bralette top and a tie-dye bandana knotted over your head.
  • 4.Taurus

    Celebrity icon – Gigi Hadid

  • The horned Taurus is always updated with contemporary fashion trends and is more likely to sway towards high-end brands when shopping and styling their outfits. Their wardrobe color is green. Their fashion style is mod, comfy, and pastel.
  • OOTD-Pair some white-washed jeans with a crochet top and simply style your hair in a messy bun.
  • 5.Gemini

    Celebrity icon – Disha Patani

  • This air sign embraces funky, youthful, and free-spirited styles. They are safer and more subdued when it comes to the color palette. Their fashion style is adaptable yet aesthetic and their wardrobe color is pastel yellow.
  • OOTD- Wear a graphic oversized t-shirt with a woolen skirt and a pair of patterned socks. Put a cat-eye eyeliner while highlighting the inner corner of your eyes.
  • 6. Libra

    Celebrity icon – Kim Kardashian

  • Libra’s ruling planet is Venus so they are known for their infatuating beauty and the most picturesque and extravagant outfits. Libras are into luxury designer fabrics and have a glamourous yet classy sense of fashion. Their fashion style is romantic and ostentatious. Their wardrobe color is hot pink.
  • OOTD-Wear a corset top paired with a mini pencil skirt and thigh-high sheer stockings. Accessorize your look with a layered silver necklace and style your hair into beach waves.

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