This is the DIET actress-turned-politician Smriti Irani is following for weight loss! | The Times of India


As mentioned above, while going gluten-free and dairy-free doesn’t ‘directly’ facilitate weight loss, losing weight is one of the many benefits of making this dietary change as a part of your lifestyle. If you are looking to change your dietary habits and boost health in the long run, it can be tried along with other weight loss aiding strategies.

The diet can also be a little difficult to follow at first, since the body can take a while to settle down from dairy and gluten withdrawal and there could be some side-effects to deal with. Depending on where you live, or the lifestyle you lead, following this dietary trend would mean that you make necessary alterations and swaps, so as to not deal with possible nutrient deficiencies and losses. If you can manage this, the diet may be worth a try.

Further, do remember that the most effective weight loss strategy remains practicing portion control, through quality foods in your diet, and maintaining a calorie deficit through exercise. If you take into consideration all of these factors, you’ll lose weight in a healthy, holistic manner.

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