This head nurse at Chitradurga hospital a hit among patients


Express News Service

CHITRADURGA: Mallanna has been a one-stop solution for patients at the district hospital in Chitradurga since last year. Many people end up calling him for any health issues and he then points them in the right direction when it comes to doctors, and other needs. Mallanna has a long association with the hospital where he works as a head nurse.

He born there and grew up around the hospital where his worked as a Group employee. “The poverty and pain that patients’ relatives face prompted me to take up a para-medical profession. As my parents did not have enough money for a medical course, I took up nursing which was affordable,” Mallanna says. Mallanna actually requested Covid duty.

He takes a fivebreak after a 10-day Covid shift, and gets tested in between shifts. Over two months into the second wave, Mallanna says that the first wave was not as aggressive. “There were many deaths and it was painful. Many people couldn’t get oxygenated beds for treatment. Covid-19 is the worst disease I’ve seen in 23 years as a nurse,” Mallanna says.

Even though it was difficult, small victories kept him going. “Some of my patients were on ventilator for over a month, but got discharged from the hospital after being cured. It is satisfying to serve patients and I feel I am doing justice to the salary I draw,” he says.

District Surgeon Dr Basavaraj says, “Mallanna is a source of inspiration for all hospital staff. He is the onestop solution for all patients. He takes care of everything from admission to discharge, and helps out if families require ambulances and other services for a death.”

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