This automobile professional thinks mechanics is no more a man’s world


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VISAKHAPATNAM:  K Revathi was in Class 8 when she learnt how to fix a tyre patch. Almost 10 years hence, Revathi can now assemble a vehicle all by herself. Although the 25-year-old is armed with a BCom degree from P ragati Degree College in Kothavalasa, but the sounds of grinding tyres and clinks of a tool kit have turned into her passion. She is currently working as a mechanic at BEV Electronics in Pendurthy, Visakhapatnam. 
Revathi was initiated into the world of mechanics by her father K Ramu, who runs a small mechanic shop in Sujata Nagar in Pendurthy.  

“After school, I used to come directly to the shop to help my father, who always had a difficulty finding trustworthy assistants. I was quite happy to help my father and eventually, I started liking the work as well,” she said. Although girls more often than not take to repairing vehicles, such was Revathi’s passion that she started learning all the intricacies of repairing a motorcycle within no time. “I could fix problems such as car/two-wheeler engine issues, clutch plate etc by the time by I was 17,” she said, proudly.  

K Revathi (25) has been repairing deflated tyres
of motorcycles and cars since she was in Class 8.
She is now working in BEV Electronics in Vizag
 | G Satyanarayana

Her father Ramu never once told her to go home just because she was a girl.  “She took to the work like fish to water. A few months after she started helping me, I knew she had a knack for the work and started encouraging her,” he said, gleaming with joy.

 “Had my financial status been good, I would have made her study mechanical engineering, ” he added. But despite not studying a professional course in mechanics, Revathi has been doing well in her field. 

Talking about her current workplace, Revathi said, “Initially, it was a bit scary. I was the only woman employee, but thanks to my colleagues I settled down. I am constantly learning and hope to grow more,” she said.  Since BEV Electronics specialises in producing electrical scooters, a huge amount of electronic wiring system is being assembled by Revathi. “I have neither studied nor worked with electric vehicles. It is quite challenging, but I am doing it,” she said. Her dream is to teach other women the basics of mechanics .“The grease strains at the end of the day’s work are worth it,”  Revathi said, smiling. 

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