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Oftentimes, when you’re tired, your face gives it all away. The fatigue is written all over your face as dullness, dark circles and misbehaving skin take over. This ongoing situation happens to have a variety of indirect effects on your skin. Even if you might be sleeping well, the constant stress that many of you experience might cause you to feel tired and make your skin look fatigued in the process. Hence, we’re here to tell you what to do about it and look less tired.

– Practice a good bedtime routine: As your day closes, your body prepares itself for sleep by producing melatonin which is a powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidant. With many of you working from home and not using makeup that often, it gets tempting to skip an evening skincare routine too. But when you do that, you’re missing out on an opportunity to support your skin’s repair mechanism when you sleep. You need to establish a good nighttime skincare routine that helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the night.

– Hydrate the eye area: When you’re tired, it instantly shows on your eyes. This is why it is important to hydrate your eyes to make them look more sprightly. Make sure you use a good moisturising eye cream with caffeine or peptides that temporarily improves the appearance of fine lines by smoothing out your skin’s surface.

– Remember to cleanse: It’s wrong to think that you don’t need to cleanse your skin before bed if you haven’t left the house. But the air inside your house can very much be polluted. This is why it’s crucial to remove the oils and dead skin that accumulates throughout the day. Start your double cleanse with an oil-based cleanser for a deep clean to help lift impurities and dissolve makeup. Then follow it up with a formula that targets your skin concerns like breakouts and dehydration. Once you’re done, layer your skin with oils and serums.

– Beat back the dullness: When you think you look tired, it’s the lack of glow and dullness that catches everyone’s attention. Using a gentle chemical exfoliator will help remove the upper layer of dead skin cells and reveal a brighter skin tone and complexion. If you have sensitive skin, use a polyhydroxy acid toner in the colder months as it will help in exfoliating without overly stripping or drying your skin.

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