The story of Fortune Cookies and the little messages inside them | The Times of India


These cookies are made by first whipping egg whites, oil, vanilla essence and sugar till they become frothy. Then the flour is added and blended well with these ingredients. Small circles are spread on a baking tray and are baked until light golden from the edges. Once baked and still hot, small handwritten messages are placed and the circles are folded into half. Then the ends of the semicircle are curled towards each other using a chopstick or a long and thin stick. The cookies are left to cool down and maintain their shape. The fortune cookies can then be eaten or packed. One of the largest manufactures of fortune cookies is Wonton Food, Inc., whose headquarters are place in New York. On an estimate, around 3 billion of fortune cookies are manufactured every year out of which the majority part of it is consumed in the United States.

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