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When it comes to jewellery, you can select various products from a wide variety of designs and precious and semi-precious stones. Especially when it comes to rings. While the easiest choice depends on your individual taste and preference when you plan on indulging in a diamond, it is time to get serious about the final product you end up buying. Jewellery shopping, especially diamond shopping, involves proper knowledge of the 4 c’s, namely carat weight, cut, colour and clarity.

The easiest to learn about is the cut of the diamond. We got in touch with Dishi Somani, Director of Dishis Designer Jewellery to know everything about the most loved and preferred diamond cuts across the globe.

Round Brilliant Cut: A traditionally classy cut that has stayed as a timeless favourite for women of all ages. Its simplicity, brilliance and sparkle are celebrated by everyone who owns a round brilliant cut diamond.

Princess-Cut: Be it a delicate setting or a uber fancy stylish setting, or any other trending setting, the princess cut diamond is the perfect square shape for you. The intense sparkle and shine of the diamond elevate any setting it is used in.

Cushion-Cut: Soft and classic in looks and featuring softly rounded corners. The cushion-cut diamonds come in different shapes and sizes and are loved by women of all age groups.

Asscher Cut: A fine blend of the princess cut and the emerald cut gives us the Asscher Cut diamond. Considered to be a dramatic and elegant modern cut with strong hints of vintage royalty. This cut is for women who love the vintage feel in their ornaments.

Radiant Cut: Often considered unique and complex, this cut is ideal for active women who prefer a square-shaped diamond.

Marquise-Cut: The boat-shaped or football-shaped marquise cut diamond is known to be showy, unique and perfect for a woman with tiny hands and short fingers. They help elongate your fingers and make your hands look more dainty.

Heart Shape: Well-known as romantic, sweet and loving, the one is preferred by love birds. Primarily used in a solitaire setting, the heart-shaped diamond looks classy and edgy.

Dishi believes that diamonds symbolise love and affection. Therefore, the most desirable engagement ring is a single diamond or cluster of diamonds set around a single diamond. “While diamonds can be cut in many shapes, only some retain the magic of brilliance and glitter. It’s a whole science behind diamond cutting. The angles of cuts need to be carefully measured, and it takes a meticulous, experienced eye to cut a diamond. The most prominent and sought after is round cut. As a round cut retains maximum brilliance and glitter, it has the highest facet cut that any other shapes,” says the jewellery expert.

Round diamonds are the favourite when it comes to an engagement ring. Round size diamonds look larger for their carat weight than many different cuts. Round is followed by the princess cut and the Heart cut, and then the cushion cut. But sometimes, “best cut” depends on an individual’s personal preference.

Also, when it comes down to resale, round diamonds are really easy to resell compared to any other cut. Unlike other cuts, round diamonds retain brilliance for more extended periods.

The way a diamond is mounted on a band also affects the brilliance of the diamond. Thus, making the setting of the diamond as crucial as the diamond shape itself. Prong high mounted setting is best suited for any cut of a diamond.

The right band choice can further enhance the size of your diamond. A thing band is a simple way to make your diamond look bigger than it actually is. For example, a cluster of smaller diamonds around a central diamond will make the ring look a lot bigger and glamourous.”

That’s why we believe, while a diamond may be a girl’s best friend, a lot of research and details goes into finding that particularly perfect best friend.

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