Techies from Trivandrum help build woman and her son a new home


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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Rainy days were a nightmare for Prabha Kumari S S, a native of Chackka. The floodwater used to engulf her partially completed house near a wetland. The National Highway Road widening project implemented a few years back that runs through her locality, made things worse.

A group of young techies from H&R Block, a software company at Technopark, where Prabha was working as cleaning staff for more than a year, came to her rescue. The firm constructed a new house for Prabha, the sole breadwinner of her family, under their corporate social responsibility project.

“Our team and its coordinator Rajesh Potty decided to lend a helping hand to those in need. We raised `6 lakh through crowdfunding from our employees to construct Prabha’s house,” said Nibun Jose, one of the coordinators of the Block Shelter project.

The construction started on her five-cent land near the old house, last November, but the pandemic caused a delay. The 550-sqft house was completed in April 2021. “It took more than `10 lakh to complete the house. As the property was near a wetland, we had to raise the basement more than normal. The plumbing and electrical works were done by technicians from our company. The team also did the painting work to cut cost,” he added.

Prabha at her old home
| BP Deepu

Peaceful days ahead
Prabha said she and her son can finally sleep peacefully in their new home. “I lost my husband four years ago. It was hard for me and my son to drain the water from the house after every rain. We need to get water and electricity connection for the new house. But it doesn’t bother me. Finally, we can sleep without worrying about our bed getting wet. Due to lockdown, I was unable to invite the team for a housewarming. As the lockdown is lifted, adhering to the Covid protocol, I wish to thank the team by offering a small treat at my new house,” she added.

Nibun and the team are planning to continue the Block Shelter project. “We can build at least one house a year for the financially struggling beneficiaries who own a property of their own or want to renovate their existing house. We hope the public can notify us about the deserving people based in the district,” Nibun said.

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