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Tea tree oil is a natural refreshing compound located in the fresh green leaves, and wood of a tree shrub called Melaleuca alternifolia, and is extracted using the process of steam distillation. It has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes and can work wonders to make your hair and scalp healthy. It is widely known to offer antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory benefits, which makes it the perfect tool for summer haircare. The use of tea tree oil for treating hair is comparatively recent, however, today, tea tree oil is used as an ingredient in innumerable hair care products including shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair serums and many more. We got in touch with Chandni Kamdar, Technical Trainer, John Paul Mitchell Systems India to enlighten our readers on the benefits of tea tree oil for hair.

It is often stressed on by many people that scalp related problems are genetic, overlooking the fact that in today’s time, pollution and other important environmental factors play a huge role as well. Summers can especially lead to increased hair damage. This can be due to overexposure to harmful sun rays, sweat, sea salt and chlorinated pool water. The increased humidity makes hair flat, while sweat and dust act as a catalyst to hair problems such as dandruff and split ends. Overexposure to the sun leads to the depletion of the natural moisture in the hair which hampers the growth, resulting in dead skin cumulating. The summer season can be harsh on the scalp too, causing extreme dryness or oiliness and sunburns. So, it’s essential to learn and acknowledge how to successfully protect your hair from the detrimental rays of the sun, heat and humidity.

Tea tree oil offers a plethora of marvelous benefits, ranging from treating dry scalp, preventing hair loss and dandruff, to boosting hair strength and treating lice. Using it in your hair is the most natural and safe way of cleansing your hair without causing it any harm. It contains certain antimicrobial properties which make it an exceptional cleaning agent. Using it on your hair aids in fighting off many types of bacteria, viruses and fungi that may accumulate in the hair and scalp from the environment. Tea tree oil effectively moisturizes your scalp and provides the hair follicles with the essential supplements and nutrients required to strengthen the hair. Likewise, it also controls the excess oil production by the sebaceous glands and keeps the scalp moisturized. Researchers conducted a study to investigate the benefits of tea tree oil and concluded that 5 percent of the oil in a product caused a 41 percent improvement in dandruff.

Many easy home remedies can be made use of with tea tree oil. For daily or frequent cleansing of the hair, tea tree oil can be mixed within the shampoo bottle while keeping in check the consistency of the liquid, and applying it on the scalp while bathing. For the pestering issue of head lice which is quite common, tea tree oil can be applied on the scalp and left overnight as a preventative measure. Natural conditioning can be taken advantage of by mixing a few drops of the oil in distilled water, storing it in a spray bottle, and using it whenever necessary. Problems such as itchiness, dryness and dandruff can be averted by use of a tea tree oil hair mask. Therefore, Tea tree oil is essentially the best oil to have on hand during the summer to cool, comfort and relieve various hair and scalp. It’s magical and must have substance to possess during the summers to treat discomfort and allowing you to savor the benefits the season has to offer hassle free.

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