Self-educated Mangaluru girl Aadi Swaroopa to appear for Karnataka SSLC exam


By Express News Service

MANGALURU: The multi-talented Aadi Swaroopa, who has not received any formal education, will be appearing for the SSLC examination next week. 

Aadi has also entered into India Book of Records for her Visual Memory Art for Class 10.

Aadi has created 93,000 miniature pictures, which contains the entire class syllabus, and thus came up with visual memory art for class 10 through her painting themed ‘Trapped Education’. 

Gopadkar, director, Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra, Mangaluru, and father of Aadi told reporters that she has created eight visual art pictures covering six subjects of class 10, thus setting a record as ‘Incredible Visual Memory Artist’ in India Book of Records-2022.

“This eight visual memory art covering all six subjects helps the students to recall the notes of the lessons and then practice on a daily basis. Aadi aims to help the students visualise the portion of all subjects. This technique can be utilised by the students by applying Swaroopa’s memory techniques and learn the lessons in less than 20 hours. She was ready to appear for the SSLC exam when she was just 8. Unfortunately, she was not granted permission,” he said.

Aadi said she never received formal education and yet she is ready to write the SSLC examination which will be held next week. “The visual memory art that I have created in 2-3 days is all about the Indian education system and a few lessons are explained through miniature pictures. I was prepared and sure of getting a rank in the SSLC exam if it was not MCQ with OMR pattern,” Aadi said.

She had earlier created a world record for writing the most number of words with both hands (left to right) simultaneously in one minute.

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