Ralph and Russo legal trouble: Tamara Ralph claims she’s been bullied by Michael Russo – Times of India


What was once tagged as the most fashionable romance has now turned a legal battle. Co-founder of the ailing luxury fashion label Tamara Russo has accused her former lover and business partner Michael Russo of bullying her along with other company administrators.

According to news reports, Ralph who designed the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle’s very expensive engagement dress has blamed her former business partner and boyfriend of stealing millions from their business and also accused him of intimidating her.

As per a report published in Dailymail, Ms Ralph has been sued in the High Court by the company via its administrators for 20.8 million pounds in damages, but has denied all the allegations.

In fact, she has claimed that ‘their professional relationship disintegrated because Mr Russo bullied and harassed her after she attempted to stop him plundering vast sums from their company,’ writes the website.

The website has also reported that Ms Ralph and Mr Russo had been accused in legal documents of raiding millions of pounds from the renowned fashion label to bankroll their jet-set lifestyle.

The daily has also published some of claims made by Ms Ralph, which include – ‘Mr Russo spent company money in a casino in London’s Mayfair and on renting a secret property in LA; He used the label’s money to fund a trip to Dubai, where he booked adjoining penthouse hotel suites; He went behind her back and bought a luxury Range Rover using company funds; She attempted to block him from using the company’s bank account; Mr Russo launched a campaign of ‘bullying, harassment, and abuse’ against her; The stress caused by Russo’s conduct, and from being sued by a company belonging to an investor, caused Ms Ralph, who was pregnant at the time, to be hospitalised;

Mr Russo was sacked as the company’s CEO last October due to his ‘abusive conduct’ towards her.’

The famous duo had founded their label in 2010.

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