Pudukottai man showers gratitude at nurses’ feet, literally!


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PUDUKKOTTAI: Taking care of patients during the pandemic risking their own lives is the true mark of heroism. Despite encountering rude behaviour by patients or attenders at government hospitals and facilities, healthcare workers have been showing up for duty in an unfailing manner. In an expression of gratitude, a lawyer from Aranthangi showered petals at the feet of two nurses to thank them for all the service they have rendered.

Manimaran, a lawyer, was admitted to the isolation ward at Aranthangi Government Hospital after testing positive for Covid. He complained of cough and shortness of breath. Initially hesitant and scared about seeking treatment at a government facility, Manimaran says his fears were proven wrong by the wonderful staff at the hospital. 

When he was discharged after a five-day stay, Manimaran bought flowers from a nearby shop, called the two nurses who treated him and showered the petals at their feet . “When I came out, I happened to hear a couple of nurses talking. One of them was saying that even if she fell sick or unconscious, there was no one at home to take notice of it or take care of her.  

I felt bad hearing that and actually realised that had people like us been more careful, perhaps we would not be posing a threat to their health. These workers risking their health to attend to patients like us every day,” says Manimaran.

As he wasn’t in a position to offer any monetary support, Manimaran says he decided to shower petals on their feet like they were God. “The nurses, doctors and sanitary workers did a stellar job. They took good care of me and every patient. The nurses kept enquiring how we felt and giving us medicines at the right time. They checked my oxygen levels regularly. If they aren’t God, I wonder who is,” Manimaran says.

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