Princess Diana was a patron of this Indian designer store in London – Times of India


She was a people’s princess, the queen of hearts and a fashionista par excellence. Late Princess of Wales, Diana’s social activism and glamour made her a global icon, but her chic fashion sense also played a huge role in making her a favourite of all international designers. From Versace to Dior, all big designer labels were patronised by Di, but she also loved the work of one Indian designer.

Lady Diana loved legendary Indian designer Ritu Kumar’s creations. The designer spilled the beans on how Diana used to shop at her London store often.

“Diana was a patron of my store in London. She would call the store herself when she wanted to visit. She would cycle down to the store, park at Mayfair behind our store, and walk the few minutes to it,” shared the ace designer on Instagram. Her caption went alongside a picture of Princess Diana wearing one of her creations.

The image showcases Princess Diana, wearing a classic blue salwar kameez by Ritu Kumar on a visit to Lahore with Imran and Jemima Khan accompanying her. Interestingly, Jemima can also be seen wearing a Ritu Kumar creation.

Kumar also shared a memory Diana saying, “She would only request us to keep a part of the store free of customers to give her some privacy, and would enjoy browsing there.”

Ritu Kumar’s London store closed in 1999, but the designer is still loved for her clothes with distinct Indian flavour and also for her initiatives towards reviving Indian fabrics and art, popularising them natural across the globe.

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