Paintings by Indian transpersons to feature at University of South Florida exhibition


By Express News Service

COIMBATORE: In a remarkable achievement, paintings by eight transwomen have been selected for featuring in the art exhibition to be held at the University of South Florida.

The paintings sketched by transwomen Abhinaya, Kalki, Rupakala, Silky Prema, Sandhya, Rambha and a transman Ramesh from Tamil Nadu and transwoman Saji Varier from Kerala will be featured at the exhibition on the topic ‘Visibility and Remembrance: Standing with the Trans Community” scheduled to be held from November 20 to April 20, 2022.

Abhinaya, who died last year due to illness at the age of 34, is one of the artists to feature in the list.

Addressing reporters in Coimbatore, activist Kalki Subramaniam said, “It would be a great honour to Abhinaya. She sketched the painting three years ago.”

She said that it would be an international honour for the Indian trans community.

“All the painting speaks about the lives of transpersons. A total of 25 entries were submitted by transpersons from India. Among them, eight persons’ paintings were selected,” she added.

She said that apart from the exhibition, the selected painting will also be featured on the website of the university.

The members have also sought the state government help to provide funding to them for taking part in the exhibition.

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