Obesity among adults and children on rise in India; what makes obesity an emerging health crisis | The Times of India


From excess intake of high-fat, high-sugar diet to reduced activity, many factors can lead to obesity. Experts believe that an increasing exposure to unhealthy lifestyle has made people, especially in the urban areas, more prone to obesity.

According to Dr. Goswami, “Obesity is a multisystem disease and can affect any system of the body from head to toe, which makes it the centre for most of the disease.”

He believes COVID-19 along with modernization have played a major factor in increasing the obesity concerns in India and abroad. “The lifestyle we have opted for in recent years, especially in the last five to six years, is fast-paced. In the last two years due to COVID-19, people have restricted their outdoor activities, have started living a sedentary lifestyle and are indulging in unhealthy eating routines, all of which has contributed to the occurrence of obesity,” he elaborates.

This in turn has led to major health consequences. Chronic conditions like hypertension which is high BP, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancers and arthritis can be caused by obesity.

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