Oats vs Cornflakes: Which is a better breakfast option?


Oats and cornflakes both are some amazing options for breakfast, but overall oats is a better option. Per 100 grams, oats contain 26 grams of protein, while cornflakes contain 7 grams. Oats are better in terms of fibre as well, as they contain 16 grams of fibre, while cornflakes contain only 2 grams. The only segment in which oats lag behind is calories. One cup of oats contains 300 calories, while cornflakes contain only 100.

In order to make oats tastier and more wholesome, add some chopped fruits to your sweet oats. Oats can be made even healthier by sweetening them with jaggery, honey or stevia. You make a number of recipes with oats like oatmeal, masala oats, oats cheela, oats smoothie, oats cutlets, oats chapati and many more.

You can also add some nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, chia seeds or pumpkin seeds to your bowl of cornflakes and milk. Chopped apples, bananas and strawberries too taste amazing in cornflakes. (image credits- istock)

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