Now, feeding stray dogs is full-time responsibility for this woman in Visakhapatnam


Express News Service

VISAKHAPATNAM:  Restrictions to contain the spread of virus has left street dogs vulnerable, more so in the soaring heat in the city. While most people do not care about stray dogs, G Anu, a dog lover, makes it a point to feed more than 200 stray dogs daily. Anu, an automotive employee, cooks 20 kg rice, 10 kg chicken and also feeds dogs around a kg of pedigree. She feeds strays from Kailasagiri Ropeway Point to the Zoo Park and parts of PM Palem. What started as a single-plate-of-food for stray dogs in her street in 2015, has now turned into a full-time responsibility. 

“There are days when I can’t even sleep. But none of it has stopped me from feeding stray dogs,” Anu said. “I know my babies wait for me, day in and out. This thought alone makes me pick myself up daily.” Apart from feeding stray dogs, she takes care of their health needs. She gives them the basic medication and also takes them to vets, if necessary.

Once Anu steps out of her car, stray dogs surround her, all of them wagging their tails and gleaming at her. Through her Instagram page, Pets of Vizag, she helps find the owner of lost or missing dogs and advocates adoption of Indian breed dogs. She has also got the female dogs sterilised. 

“Indian breed dogs are in no way lesser than others. They deserve a home and love too,” Anu said. Dogs should not be bought, but should be adopted, she added. If she finds an injured or an abandoned dog, Anu takes it and nurtures it back to good health. 

“It is so sad how most of us treat dogs cruelly. Some people buy exotic breeds, but fail to take care of them. When the dogs show signs of health disorder, they abandon them.” After nurturing such dogs back to good health, she puts them up for adoption. “Before I give them to a new family, I ensure they are genuine and can take care of the dog.” 

Currently, Anu is taking care of 15 stray and abandoned dogs, including a Golden Retriever and Brazillian Mastiff. “It is not easy. For those who cannot protest or speak, this is the least I can do,” she said. Her mother inspired her to tend to Indian breed dogs and strays, she said. 

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