Micro review: ‘Life in the Clock Tower Valley’ by Shakoor Rather – Times of India


Journalist Shakoor Rather’s debut book ‘Life in the Clock Tower Valley’ was released in March 2021. The book depicts the various aspects of everyday life and emotions in Kashmir.

Set in the Valley in 2008, the story follows the lives of different characters– all unique but relatable. College students Samar and Rabiya are deeply in love; but will their love survive the unending curfews in the city and their families’ opposing political views? Samar’s neighbour, Sheikh Mubarak feels stuck in a loveless marriage with Naziya. Will their marriage survive the presence of Rosaline, a tourist? Meanwhile, Sheikh and Naziya’s five year old daughter Sana and her best friend Pintoji try to chase their dreams, ignoring the grim reality of the conflicted valley. One day Pintoji decides to step out in a curfew; will he be safe?

‘Show, don’t tell’: it’s often said for good storytelling; Rather too depicts Kashmir and its people’s issues through symbolism, humour and wit in this book. Well written and sensitively narrated, the stories all come together at the end. The book will transport the readers to Kashmir’s beautiful past, wounded present and an uncertain future.

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