Long Coronavirus New Symptoms | Long COVID: Long haulers experience new range of symptoms post recovery, claims a study


According to a new study published in the journal Nature Medicine, a group of researchers, including those from Columbia University in the US, found that most long COVID patients experience severe medical conditions such as chest pain, strokes and blood clot-related complications in their lungs.

Elaine Y. Wan, one of the co-authors of the study, claims that patients have reported these symptoms even weeks and months after testing positive for the infection, with sudden onset of heart palpitations, and prolonged fatigue.

“When we think of COVID-19, we think of mostly a respiratory illness. But even after they’ve recovered from their respiratory illness, they may still have other clinical symptoms due to issues with other organ systems,” Wan added.

“There really is a post-COVID syndrome and it doesn’t always correlate with the severity of the acute COVID infection itself,” added Ani Nalbandian, another co-author of the study from Columbia University.

As per the study, long haulers have also complained of chest discomfort along with an inability to concentrate and difficulty in decision-making and remembering things.

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