Kerala church opens ‘Storehouse of Mercy’, where people from all faiths come to donate for needy


By Express News Service

KOCHI: The lockdown has placed everyone, especially the financially-burdened, in a tight spot when it comes to meeting their food needs. Taking this into consideration, St George Catholic Church at Kalady has launched a ‘Storehouse of Mercy’. What sets the initiative apart from similar others is that it is not only free, but also lets people take what they need, no matter the quantity.

Fr John Puthuva, the vicar of the church, said anyone who needs food can take the same from the store. “There is a flex that says ‘food items can be taken by those who need it’ and near it is a lot of food. Unlike in shops, where almost every item is weighed and sold, there is no one manning the station. Those in need don’t have to pay any thing and can take as much as they want,” said the vicar.  

“Items like tapioca, banana, coconut, jaggery, mango and various vegetables are available at the store. Most of the items were donated to the church by well-wishers while the church paid for the rest,” said Fr John. 

He said the initiative has received good response with people coming in to collect food items. “Some kind-hearted people made the initiative possible. They brought these items from home. People of all faiths, religions and cultures are joining hands for the charity work,” Fr John said.  

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