India’s Coronavirus Vaccine: All you need to know about Covaxin, its efficacy, clinical trial results and more | The Times of India


Bharat Biotech’s frontrunner COVID-19 vaccine, Covaxin is one of the two vaccines being administered in the country and parts of the world.

While the vaccine was found to be safer for use, at par with other vaccines, the short timeline and restricted authorisation nod made many doubt its efficacy. However, newer studies have proved that Covaxin has better than ever safety and efficacy rates.

As per a recently published report in a Lancet study, Covaxin is completely safe for use and offers a higher efficacy rate than what was previously seen. The news has not just compelled authorities to waive off clinical trial nod, but, as many believe will also lower some hesitancy circling around the usage of the desi vaccine.

We discuss in detail the many benefits of Covaxin and its efficacy rates, compared to other vaccines.

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