In a first in north India, doctors use advance robotic system to remove uterus of woman



NEW DELHI: A private hospital in the national capital removed the uterus of a 47-year-old woman suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding and acute pelvic pain using an advanced robotic system, which doctors claimed was utilised in north India for the first time.

According to Dr Rahul Manchanda, Head of Gynaecology Department, PSRI Hospital, “The patient’s hemoglobin was low — around 10, and biopsy of the endometrium showed precancerous condition. The removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) was the only option.”

She was counselled to undergo a surgery that employs an advanced robotic system, citing its benefits over old robotic and other conventional surgical techniques, he said.

On obtaining the patient’s consent, the surgery was performed and the woman was able to go home within 24 hours.

The doctor said this advanced robotic surgery offers three-dimensional vision and preciseness in hand movements as compared to traditional open and laparoscopic surgery.

The finesse in precision led to very little loss of blood during the two-hour-long surgery.

“In conventional surgeries, the patient remains hospitalised for a minimum of four to five days with higher risk of infection. Here, the patient was able to go to the washroom on her own in less than 24 hours and the next day she was discharged,” Dr Manchanda said.

“This advanced technology machine or robot has not been used for this procedure in the north before and heralds a new dimension for quality care for women in north India,” the hospital’s spokesperson said.

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