Hyderabad teen makes organic sanitary napkins, promotes menstrual hygiene among rural women


Express News Service

HYDERABAD: 18-year-old Sohan Pappu is on a mission to promote menstrual hygiene among women in rural areas by manufacturing organic sanitary napkins. Sohan, the chairman of Our Youth Social Community, has conducted many campaigns in the city to bring awareness about organic sanitary napkins. The teenager, who is pursuing BBA, started a campaign called Project Suraksha.

“Data shows that 88 percent of Indian rural women do not have access to sanitary napkins. We started with distributing sanitary napkins available in the market free among the women. We received excellent response, but I was not happy after I came to know that harmful chemicals are used to make these napkins.”

His research made him realise that plastic and bleaching powder are used to make sanitary napkins, and that’s why he decided to manufacture organic ones.

“There are many products in the market which claim to be organic, but they are not. I made a product from banana pulp and bamboo, and received good response from the women. I am going to make them in bulk once I procure the right machines,” the entrepreneur added.

When asked why he started the initiative, Sohan said: “Many girls drop out of school because they do not have access to good-quality sanitary napkins. The chemicals can cause UTI.”

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