Hyderabad girl breaks 84 tiles, breaks Guinness World Record


By Express News Service

HYDERABAD: Breaking a Guinness World Records title is often on karate champions’ bucket lists. But breaking 84 ceramic tiles in 84 seconds is not easy, not at least for a 13-year-old girl.

Gana Santoshinee Reddy has set the record for breaking in 84 seconds to mark the 84th month of formation day of Telangana on June 2. “I broke 84 tiles in 84 seconds to mark 84th month of formation of Telangana. I practised for 5-6 months,” she told reporters.

On the 5th Telangana Foundation Day in the year 2019, both Santoshini Reddy and her sister were honoured for their performance. 

Santoshinee, a karate black belt holder, has also entered into the ‘Genius Book of World Record’ by breaking tiles. Santhoshinee has many records to her name, including the world record – turning her head from side to side for 3,315 times in 39 minutes. 

Apart from this, when she was merely six, she received Bala Surya Award for mixing dance, yoga and karate. Santoshinee’s father Dr GS Gopal Reddy, is her teacher. He also runs a karate academy in the city. Santoshinee wishes to make her name in the sport and win International championships.

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