How your weight makes you more prone to flu and how to stay healthy | The Times of India


The only way to protect yourself is by taking some healthy measures. Taking precautions is even more important at this time when we have the lingering fear of COVID-19 infection, which might possibly get worse in the winter season. Here are some things you must do to stay healthy.

Follow healthy hygiene habits: Wash your hands with soap and water and use a tissue when coughing and sneezing. These are some basic hygiene habits that everyone must follow.

Eat healthily: It is crucial for obese and overweight people to lose extra fat and get fit to stay live a long disease-free life. Cut down on processed foods and include a more well-balanced diet in your daily routine.

Exercise: Try to stay physically active, either you do it by going to the gym or performing easy exercises at home. Include both cardio strength training workouts to burn fat.

Get flu shot: It is better to get the annual flu shot beforehand to cut down the risk of severe infection. It is necessary for all.

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