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Skincare is having a moment in 2021. We have come full circle from minimal skincare to homemade skincare to 10 step skincare and back to the basics. Buying skincare products according to the trends is something that we all are guilty of, be it the fancy moisturiser that was made out of pearls or the hydrating toner that could give you the feeling of water throughout the day. We all have skincare products that do not suit our skin. They are all sitting on our shelves, thinking when they will be used but the truth is we can’t use them on our faces and nobody has the will to flush down their hard-earned money down the drain, LITERALLY. Here are some tips through which you can repurpose skincare products that did not work for you.

Face moisturisers

This is an easy one, if you have face creams that did not work on your face it is perfectly okay for you to use them on your body. Your body also deserves the love you give your face. You can also use them as hand moisturisers and apply them after you wash your hands.

Oil cleansers

A good way to utilise the oil cleansers that broke you out is to use them as a makeup brush cleanser as it breaks the makeup particles and gives the brushes a good cleanse. You can also use oil cleansers to remove deodorant marks from your clothes. It is also a good alternative for shaving creams, you can apply a few pumps of the oil on your dry skin and shave away that hair.

Facial Oils

There are some oils that can be used on our scalps like squalane oil, coconut oil, almond oils and many more. You can use the facial oils that did not suit you on your scalp, or you can use them on your legs, hands and nail cuticles. It can help give deep nourishment to the skin.

Chemical exfoliators

You must’ve tried a lot of chemical exfoliators that did not work for you. You can use those exfoliators on your skin to get rid of bumps on your body, chemical exfoliators can also be used on your underarms to get rid of the odour. It can also help you brighten up your skin. You can also use your AHA toner on your scalp to get rid of buildup. Just take a bit of the toner, put it on your scalp before shampoo and massage it for a few minutes and then rinse. A perfect way to get rid of unwanted products and buildup.

Sheet Masks

You can use sheet masks on your feet, they also deserve some love. Your feet also need some hydration and sheet masks that trouble your face can be used on the feet as the feet’s skin is thick and would not react in the same way your face does. Just place your sheet mask on your feet and wear socks over it. Smooth hydrated feet will be waiting for you the next day.

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