How To Prevent Heart Attack | Heart health: Sureshot ways to prevent a heart attack right now, as per experts


A healthy, nutritious diet works wonders supporting our health goals and sustains vital functioning. To keep your heart in proper functioning, it’s extremely crucial to have foods that are rich in antioxidants, Omega-3, fibre, proteins and most importantly, contain good cholesterol. Make sure you have a minimum of 2-3 servings of veggies and fruits every day and support the same with enriching nuts and seeds, whole grains.

Drinking water and hydrating fluids, too, is essential. However, be careful to limit your salt and sodium intake, especially if you have a prior family history or suffering from any cardiac ailment. A cup of coffee a day could also be excellent for your heart.

It’s also important to minimize your intake of processed, junk food and aerated drinks from your diet. If you cannot fully quit it, start by limiting and cutting down on your intake and making healthier swaps, as and when you can.

Recent studies have also indicated that for a healthy heart, some forms of fats, such as olive oil may be healthier than others, so make your dietary decisions wisely.

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