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This column has been written by Dr Kajal Mugrai, Occult Scientist and Psychotherapist.

The main problem that people today are facing is relationship issues. No matter what age they are, they are dealing with problems in relationships like lack of understanding, higher expectations, unusual fights, mismatched opinions & above all broken relationships. But how does one overcome these issues?

When two people come into a relationship, they carry a baggage of expectations and a lot of emotions. When their partner does not meet that expectation level, they feel disappointed. This later turns into massive fights, unnecessary accusations, lots of emotional drama and hurt. It gets even worse when one partner is either possessive or completely careless. Both the situations are alarming that sooner or later turns into splitting apart as a couple. Whether it is coming out of a bad marriage or bad love affair.

People really feel shattered after the break ups. More than physically they are hurt emotionally. And the emotional baggage they carry is not of one day but of days, weeks, months and years spent together. Some people are strong and they work on themselves and move on. But there are people who ruin their life because of some person who was actually not meant to be in their life and was not worthy. Emotionally damaged people can be male or female. Because it can affect anyone irrespective of their gender.

It is really easy to come out of break ups and lead a normal happy life. As we say, “It’s okay to be NOT OK”. So first of all, one needs to accept that they are not okay with that certain situation and they really need to come out of that situation, that person. And “it’s okay” to take professional help if required. Because sometimes we don’t know how to move forward and all the emotional hurt is stored in the subconscious mind, that cannot be released by yourself.

So if you are going through the same phase, you can follow these steps:

Start meditating: It is difficult in the beginning but you can start with 5 min and then increase the time. The key is to focus on breath and release negative thoughts from mind. You can also take help of guided meditations that are available on you tube

Positive Affirmations: Start doing positive affirmations in present tense. E.g. I am feeling happy. I am strong. I am moving forward in my life etc.

Forgive: Forgiveness is actually the first thing. You need to forgive a person to let yourself go. Hatred is a slow poison that you are drinking yourself and expect other people to die. So forgiveness is important.

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Focus on your hobby: Do something that makes you happy. Instead of hearing sad songs, hear party songs. This will definitely change your mood.

And if you think nothing is working then take help of a Psychologist or a Healer. Take expert help, there is nothing wrong with it.

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