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Gender-fluid fashion has taken the world by storm! People are choosing to break stereotypes and bend gender-normative rules of fashion in order to put out authentic renditions of their individual style. Gender-Fluid or unisex fashion involves clothing, accessories and styling cues that do not necessarily adhere to gender conventions. This also includes stereotypical styles that are considered ‘male’ or ‘female’ which are freely worn across the gender spectrum. This refreshing fashion movement is spearheaded by young Millennials and Gen-Z fashionistas.
It stresses on the freedom of expression and creativity in fashion, without any dogmatic gender-based constraints.

Interested? If you resonate and are looking for some gender-agnostic style ideas, read on.

We’ve spotlighted five essentials that will get you started on your journey to uber-chic unisex

fashion in no time!

Unisex eyewear

Take the easiest stare-way to chic gender-fluid fashion – unisex eyewear! Be it eyeglasses or sunglasses, picking unisex styles can spruce up your look instantly. Opt for sleek metallics, sophisticated pastels and eye-catching shapes. This high-definition accessory can transform your look by adding a gender-fluid vibe!

Crossover jewellery

Unisex fashion jewellery is the name of the game! By blending motifs traditionally considered ‘female’ with structured silhouettes that are conventionally labelled male (or vice versa), young and dynamic jewellery designers are redefining their collections into a unisex fashion mix! Go for styles that resonate with your personality and give your look a new edge.

Pastel footwear

Besides clothing, shoes may just be the most gendered category in fashion. Turns out – it doesn’t need to be this way! Many designers and brands are coming out with styles that blend sophisticated pastels with structured and comfort-oriented construction. These look exceptionally trendy on all genders and are sure to give your style a new-age unisex appeal.

Oversized blazers

When it comes to clothing, the oversized blazer takes the cake! Stylish, sleek and powerful on

fashion connoisseurs across the gender spectrum, the oversized blazer is truly a style for all.

The blazer adds a soft yet structured feel to any head-to-toe look, hallmarking a unisex appeal.

Un-Gendered slings

A sling bag is such a useful accessory – great for storing knick-knacks, cash, cards and keys in such a comfortable and secure way! So, why should one gender have a monopoly over it? Brands across the globe have started curating unisex styles. This has just resulted in more remarkable and striking collections!

Unisex fashion is all about bending the gender rules of style to make a fashion statement that is uniquely personal in nature. Liberating, interesting and refreshing – this is a fashion trend that is worth keeping in mind while shopping. Don’t box your fashion in with gender-defined boundaries- let your imagination take flight!

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The thumbnail pictures are from Sabyasachi and Two Point Two.

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