How men say ‘I love you’ without saying anything at all – Times of India


It’s a very common belief that men aren’t very good at expressing themselves, especially when it comes to love. Frequently saying ‘I love you’ out loud is a habit they definitely don’t possess, unlike most women. However, their actions mean a lot when it comes to expressing feelings of love. It can be how they support their partners or turn up to doorsteps with their partner’s favourite flower bouquet in hand. It’s all in the little things.

Here are some ways how men say ‘I love you’ without saying anything at all.

1. When he puts a blanket over you when you are asleep. This is a very comforting gesture as being cared for when sleeping induces a sense of calm and security.

2. When he buys you things you love. This may sound materialistic but generally, men think that gifting their lady love her favourite pair of diamond earrings will get her happy. It’s a bonus point when men notice things women like, out of the blue.

3. When he texts you often. Texting definitely reminds a person how much their partner misses them and so, men will never avoid texting their partners. They will prefer asking, “Did you have lunch?”, “Is your stomach ache better now?” just because they care about you deeply.

4. When he takes you out on trips often. Men love taking their partner along with them on vacation. Besides spending some quality time, men can’t bear to be without their love even for a few days.

5. When he lets you watch your favourite TV show over his games. This is a major sign of how men express their love because men and games go hand-in-hand! Even if he has been waiting all week to play the game, he lets you have the TV, and this is a major show of ‘I love you.’

6. When he doesn’t tolerate anyone speaking ill about you. Men absolutely hate it when someone insults their partner’s capability, behaviour, appearance or attitude. It is more likely that he will not hesitate to bark back at the person if they happen to speak rudely to you.

7. When he indulges you a lot in his life. Men love to involve their ladies in whatever they do. Whether it’s about deciding the colour of their tie or the variety of meals, men love it when their partner takes the lead, especially when it’s their life.

8. When he supports you in every decision. Men may not always agree with their partner over everything but they will surely support their partner’s decisions. Their subtle actions speak louder than words. This is their way of telling their partner ‘I love you’.

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