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Gone are those days when beauty was just considered something which only subsided with women. Beauty is for everyone – gender has no role to play here. This very shift in perception has led to the buoyancy of the male beauty industry, which continues to grow at a fast pace to be on par with its female counterpart. According to a Statista report, the global male grooming market is projected to reach around USD 81.2 billion by 2024.

The changes are not just reflected in numbers, they can be seen at a more ground level as well. Even a few years back, whenever we used to walk into the beauty and personal grooming section of a store, ladies had ample products to choose from, but men were left with skeletal options. Today, it is not the same. With more men becoming conscious about their appearance and investing in their personal care regimes, large cosmetic brands as well as new-age D2C companies have started introducing separate skin and hair products for their male customers.

Breaking the gender stereotypes; the rise of male beauty influencers

In dissemination of this vital trend, social media influencers are the ones who has given this thought an exposure, proving that men are also in need of beautification and cosmetic defence. Influencers has taught men that beauty is gender less – beauty is just the way for people to showcase the unique quirks of their personality. Starting from basic skincare routines and quick grooming trips to extensive multi-step makeovers, male beauty influencers are paving the way for common men to become beauty enthusiasts. Sportspeople and Bollywood celebrities are also playing a key role in providing an impetus to the male beauty industry, urging men to put a little more effort and time into their grooming practices.

The combined efforts from influencers and brands are dismantling the archaic notion that men shouldn’t indulge in self-care. Painting nails, having a detailed skincare routine, applying makeup, dressing up; people should enjoy all these things irrespective of their gender without the fear of being judged or mocked upon. Going forward, it’s likely that there will not be separate categories for men and women; rather, products will become genderless. There will no defined beauty rules, and more men will look pride in taking care of their physical appearance.

With inputs from Suraj Chaudhari, co-founder of Zlade.

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