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Everyone expects the bride to have flawless skin and a fabulous mane, but why must the groom always be neglected? It’s time to twist the rules and make sure the groom steals the show with his dapper hair! Most men don’t think about their hair until they actually start losing it. Huge mistake! If you are looking after your skin and body, it is finally time to invest in a hair regimen. Here are tips for grooms to look their best on their big day.

Oil your hair! Nothing like a good old champi to nourish your scalp. This will help strengthen your roots and let your hair get healthier. A once a week hot oil massage will do wonders for your hair.

Invest in a natural and gentle shampoo that contains no parabens or sulphates and will prevent hair from looking dull, brittle and weak. Men tend to have more scalp buildup than women which causes dandruff. Invest in a quality dandruff shampoo at least a month before the wedding to look your best.

Start using a conditioner at least a month before your wedding to protect your hair against day to day damage and the elements. Over time your hair will appear hydrated, stronger and shinier.

Visit your barber and choose a hairstyle that fits and flatters your unique face shape. Don’t try anything drastic like loud hair colour or a trendy hair shave just before the wedding.

Use a hair serum after a shampoo as it will nourish your hair whilst making it look thicker and glossier.

Get a hair spa once a week a month before the wedding to give you the necessary nourishment. Not only will it change your hair game, but it’s super relaxing too.

Try these tips to make an impact on your big day. These easy tips will make you shine too!!

With inputs from Sargam Dhawan Bhayana, director at Tressmart.

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