‘Good samaritans’ serve Covid-19 patients during troubled times


Express News Service

SRIKAKULAM:  Two groups of enterprising youth from Srikakulam are receiving accolades from people in the district for extending support to the families affected by the Covid-19. They are available 24×7.  They provide the Covid-19 patients food and medicines at a time when neighbours do not come near the patients, afraid of getting infected. The ‘good samaritans’ have no such worries and they do this job out of humanity. Srikakulam Abbayulu, a six-member group of students and three ward volunteers from Gujarathipeta have joined hands with a mission—to serve Covid-19 victims and their families. 

Pavan Yadav and Anil Kumar are leaders of the group. They are responsible that food, medicines and other needs of Covid positive patients of those in Covid-19 hospitals, Covid-19 Care Centres (CCCs) and in home quarantine are attended to. They do nopt get any donation; they spend their money to do this work. 
Those who are afraid to serve their own family members contact this group in Srikakulam. As per the request of the parents or guardians, they attend to their needs and also give moral support to the Covid-19 patients. 

Pavan Yadav told TNIE, “We receive 20 to 40 telephone calls per day from across the district. Requests range from serving food, medicines, and other materials to their family members suffering from Covid-19. We attend to the calls and fulfill their requirements. Last year, we distributed food, sanitisers, and face masks to the poor. Currently, a few people afraid of getting infected do not serve their own parents. It is a pity. We formed the group to serve such people. If anybody wants food or medicines free of cost, we forward their request to Saigiri Youth, who do the job.’’

About 15 government and private sector employees and ward volunteers have formed Saigiri Group with the same mission in mind. They attend to the needs of Covid-19 patients free of cost. Last year, the group distributed food to at least 200 members of poor. In the second wave, they decided to serve Covid-19 patients. To this end, they started a campaign in social media that they provide food, medicines and give moral support to Covid-19 positive patients free of cost.

“We receive 40 to 60 calls daily. Based on the caller’s requests, we provide food, medicines, and other material to Covid-19 patients. We charge nothing for the service rendered,” Sayed Rafi said, adding they have decided not to disclose the details of the Covid-19 patients.

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