Flu Vs Covid: How to tell if your long flu case was actually COVID


Flu season this year around is swelling, and for those who have been affected, the intensity and duration of the infection can be severe, lasting for a long time.

While cases of extreme severity can have a lot of underlying causes (such as age and comorbidities), one of the reasons why flu symptoms could last for long is the lack of exposure we have to flu, thanks to COVID outbreak. Usually, we all get exposed to the flu causing virus and tend to gain some level of natural immunity (even without contracting the infection) but in the past two years, the exposure level has been minimal, and hence, causing a severe outbreak.

Some of the symptoms could also linger on for a longer time, since there is a risk of developing long flu, much like long COVID as well. Post-viral malaise could cause many to undergo continued symptoms like body aches, pains, fever, fatigue, giving the impression that the flu infection is running a long course.

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