Dog stranded on Odisha river island rescued


By Express News Service

BERHAMPUR: Animals have as much right to live as human beings. In Odisha’s Ganjam district, forest officials have ensured this by rescuing a dog which was stranded on an island formed overnight near Purunabandh village, on Wednesday.

Staff of Berhampur forest division were patrolling the area for protection of Olive Ridleys on the coast, when they spotted the dog on the small island. Realising that it’s unlikely the dog would be able to swim out of the island on its own, the forest staff arranged for a motor boat and rescued the animal from the spot.

They said that while strolling on the beach searching for food, the dog might have been dragged into the sea by high tide.

Divisional Forest Officer A Nayak is all praises for the forest staff who rescued the animal. “Every creature has the right to live and our staff just ensured that by rescuing the speechless animal”, he said.

Director of Bombay Natural History Society, Dr Bivas Pandav, who has extensively studied the coastal areas of Ganjam, said during the rainy season and natural calamities, temporary islands are created at the river mouth due to the huge flow of water into Rushikulya river.

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