Dementia Signs: Early signs of dementia can appear 18 years before diagnosis, as per study


When it comes to dementia, it is impossible to tell who is more prone to the illness. However, a study involving over 2,000 people showed that memory and thinking tests can reveal differences in people who go on to develop Alzheimer’s disease up to 18 years before diagnosis.

As per the test that was completed 13 to 18 years before the study ended, it was found that a lower score in cognitive tests was linked to an 85 percent higher risk of possible dementia. This also indicates that the development of Alzheimer’s disease may start many years before diagnosis.

According to doctor Doug Brown, former Director of Research and Development at Alzheimer’s Society, “Dementia often causes changes in the brain years before the symptoms become apparent.” “This study shows that there may be subtle indications of Alzheimer’s disease in thinking and memory as many as 18 years before a formal diagnosis could take place, ” he says.

While the doctor clarifies that these tests may not accurately predict who will develop dementia, it could be used to detect people who are more prone to the illness.

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