Coronavirus: Will the new COVID variants render vaccines ineffective? | The Times of India


A lower efficacy rate or antibody response may seem bad, but experts are not worried.

According to Dr Randeep Guleria, AIIMS Delhi, variants and mutations may dim down efficacy rates, but they will not hinder the vaccines from working totally.

Adding that a reduced efficacy rate could still lower down the risk of transmission and severity, he was quoted saying:

“There are two things. One is the efficacy of the vaccine in preventing serious disease and death. I could say that the vaccine definitely will prevent serious disease and therefore decease mortality as far as new strain is a concern. As far efficacy is a concern, one can argue that if you have a strain, the efficiency theoretically may come down a little bit but we do have a good buffer,”

Doctors and researchers in parts of the world where initial phases of inoculation drives have been completed have also witnessed real-life data to support the working of vaccines. Therefore, we must put our trust in vaccines in the global fight against the novel coronavirus, which has already taken so many lives.

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