Coronavirus Vaccine For Kids: Covaxin approved for use in children when can kids actually expect to get the COVID-19 vaccine? What does emergency use authorisation mean?


Covaxin use has been currently granted emergency use authorisation in India- and not full access. EUA refers to a mechanism whereby authorities allow the use of certain vaccines and medicines in light of a life-threatening emergency (such as COVID), after reviewing clinical trials and lab-based data. While Covaxin is still undergoing critical last stage study, the necessary EUA has been granted on a risk vs benefit evaluation. This is also the same way most other vaccines have been pushed for use, including Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines made for kids.

While Covaxin is still undergoing trials, it has been found that the vaccine demonstrates good efficacy and antibody protection in kids, much like the adults. Hence, going by global guidelines, the go-ahead has been granted, clinical data has been reviewed well. However, since it’s still a vaccine which has been granted nods without completing all stages of trials, the makers of Covaxin have been asked to follow some factors to meet the criteria.

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