Coronavirus Vaccine: Do COVID-19 vaccines work against new coronavirus variants and mutations?


Viruses, and any germ, in particular, are known to mutate often during their life cycle.

However, the way COVID-19 strains continue to spread has alarmed scientists and epidemiologists worldwide. So much so, a single new variant has surged cases across the UK badly, imposed fresh lockdowns, restrictions and is slowly starting to impact other countries worldwide.

Of all, three COVID variants, in particular, carry the most risks- ones which have emerged from Kent, UK ( B.1.1.7 variant), South Africa (B.1.351 variant) and Brazil (B. or P.1 variant).

If experts and the case studies are to be believed, all of these variants are quite hazardous and could spread way more easily than others. Preliminary findings, yet to be peer-reviewed suggest that the UK variant is 56% more infectious and contagious.

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