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Coronavirus Vaccine: As per CDC, you do not have to do this one thing after getting vaccinated | The Times of India

Recently, the CDC made some changes in its pre-existing guidelines and added that people who have already received both the shots of COVID vaccine are not required to stay in quarantine after coming in contact with someone suspected or confirmed to be infected with COVID. But even after getting the shot, to skip quarantine, it is required to meet three criteria laid out by the CDC. They are as follows:

They must be fully vaccinated at least two weeks before coming in contact with the infected person.

They must have been vaccinated within the past three months.

They need to be completely asymptomatic after the exposure to the COVID positive person.

The U.S.A. health protection agency clearly mentioned that all those people fail to meet any one of the criteria will have to follow the self-quarantine guideline like earlier. They have also relaxed the norms for all those people who have immunity from a past COVID case.

Besides, skipping the self-quarantine norms after coming in contact with the virus is only applicable if the person has got the shot of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. The CDC has specifically mentioned the two vaccines as they are only ones available in the U.S.A.

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