Coronavirus vaccination second shot: Things to know before you receive your second shot


There’s quite a debate which surrounds the use of pain-relievers before or after the vaccine shot. Some say it can numb the unpleasant after-effects, while there are some who say it may prove to be harmful.

Hearing stories about adverse reactions and side-effects could also make many want to pop in a pill. However, that’s not something you should be doing, unless and until you have been clearly advised by your doctor to do so.

There’s not a lot of clear evidence right now to tell whether or not it would be safe to rely on pain relievers. If taken preemptively, it may cause the vaccine to work ineffectively.

As per the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention and Indian Medical Boards, it is okay to use light medications like acetaminophen, paracetamol or non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs right now. If you are on any sort of anti-coagulant medication or have a pre-existing disease, get doctor’s advise beforehand for vaccination.

If you are not in the favour of medicines, and still looking for ways to relieve symptoms, here are some natural aids and home remedies to try.

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