Coronavirus symptoms: New COVID symptoms that may arise post vaccination | The Times of India


While vaccines are our only shot against the virus, it does not mean that you cannot get infected. According to a study conducted at King’s College London, it has been found that people may still get infected by the virus, following a vaccine jab. However, the experts reveal that the number of such cases are small.

The study looked at the data collected from the ZOE Covid symptoms app. Of 1.1 million app users, who had already had their first dose, 0.2 per cent reported positive cases of COVID-19. That said, of those who had received both doses of the vaccine, 0.03 per cent tested positive.

The study also found that almost 70 per cent and 55 per cent of the participants were less likely to develop a fever and fatigue as compared to those who were not vaccinated, respectively.

As per the research, there are four symptoms of COVID that people should be aware of post vaccination, which can vary from the most common COVID symptoms listed by health organisations.

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