Coronavirus symptoms: Low oxygen level? Know the signs you need medical help | The Times of India


Most of us, by this point, are aware of the classic, common signs of the infection. However, some signs, such as that of a severe COVID can go easily unnoticed and cause complications later. One of them is bluish lips, discolouration of the face or extremities.

Bluish tinge on the lips, also medically referred to as cyanosis, can strike when the blood oxygen levels run extremely low. Under normal circumstances, healthy oxygenated blood gives our skin a red-pinkish glow, which is normal. However, when the blood oxygen levels are dangerously low, it can cause a bluish, pale tinge, and the skin can feel extremely cold to touch. It has also now been observed that with patients suffering from happy hypoxia ( low oxygen readings with no other signs of visible degradation), a bluish tinge can be a tell-tale sign of danger and demands critical care.

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