Coronavirus Symptoms in Kids & COVID Treatment at Home: How to help a child with COVID-19 recover at home


Getting a COVID-19 test done is unpleasant for anyone. For the little ones, it can be all the scarier.

However, there are ways you can alleviate your child’s anxiety. Make sure they sit comfortably, prepare them in advance, educate them about the importance of getting tested, and most importantly, follow appropriate behaviour yourself. Try and also refrain from negative information, which could further scare them.

The best time to take a test would be soon after you start observing symptoms, or start to feel sick yourself, along with your child. Some also feel that 2-4 days after the infection onset gives the most accurate results.

Even if you do get a false negative, remember to quarantine and follow protocols. Do not send children outdoors, even if they have the mildest symptoms.

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