Coronavirus Symptoms: 5 symptoms of COVID-19 which take the longest time to resolve after the Delta variant


Not only are some of these symptoms linked to long COVID (or post-COVID-19 syndrome), it’s important to remember that lingering symptoms of the illness require a lot of care and attention since some of these profoundly impact your vital health. The severe your COVID-19 case, the longer, and the more complicated post-recovery symptoms could seldom be. In some cases, the symptoms may not be always synonymous with hospitalized cases alone, so take proper care.

While there are some ways to determine if you are a COVID long hauler, it’s equally important to keep up with your doctor consults and requisite medications to avoid long-term complications, and avoid the risk of reinfection as well. A specialized doctor can also diagnose the severity of your symptoms, help treat milder symptoms, issue recommendations for serious symptoms and guide you to taking good care of yourself.

Getting vaccinated, at the right time, may also offer some respite from certain long-haul symptoms as well, so get the jab when you can.

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