Coronavirus Recovery: Doctors explain how soon you can go back to your pre-COVID workout routine


When it comes to mild infections, where there is no lung involvement, patients can resume their normal activities. Although, stringent activities should be avoided for sometime, Dr. Udyavar recommends, at least mild exercises like walking, brisk walking can be started after 10-12 days or two weeks of testing negative from the COVID infection. “But if someone feels breathless while performing exercises and cannot carry themselves, unlike earlier, their symptoms would need to be investigated,” he says.

What should people with pre-existing heart conditions keep in mind?

Those who have a pre-existing heart condition, they need to be extra careful during COVID-19 and post their recovery.

“If the patient has a pre-existing heart problem, they should not stop their medication. The existing medications reduce the risk of heart diseases irrespective of COVID. The patients should not fear being infected due to COVID,” says Dr. Udyavar.

Apart from that, physical activity and diet play an important role. Mild activities such as walking can provide relief during post COVID care.

In case the patient develops new symptoms such as chest pain, breathlessness, palpitations, feeling suddenly fatigued, it should be addressed immediately, as per the doctors. “Consult the doctor immediately and check if it’s a cardiac issue, and then get it treated accordingly,” recommends Dr. Udyavar.

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