Coronavirus: Recovered from COVID-19? Look out for these symptoms months after recovery, as per studies | The Times of India


Long COVID, or post-COVID is characterized as a syndrome wherein a COVID patient continues to experience symptoms of the disease 4 weeks after testing negative. Findings suggest that 1 in 4 COVID+ patients are long haulers. The symptoms, such as lingering cough, chronic weakness, headaches, myalgia, brain fog could linger weeks or months after recovery, and require evaluation.

However, apart from the long COVID risk, doctors have observed that the long-term complications, for some patients may be related to vital functioning. It could be resultant of inflammation from the virus, or underlying conditions which could show up. Even though it remains to be a respiratory infection, the interconnected nature could impact one’s metabolic, neurological, inflammatory health.

That being said, below listed are the most common complications observed in post COVID recovery, and the signs and symptoms to watch out for:

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