Coronavirus: Recovered from COVID-19? 7 tests you must take | The Times of India


Since the virus is susceptible to causing inflammation and clotting, some people report fluctuations and flare-up in their vital parameters, including blood glucose and blood pressure levels. This is also one of the reasons why COVID+ patients are asked to keep a track of their vitals in recovery.

That being said, post-recovery, getting routine function tests such as these could be also crucial if you have pre-existing conditions such as Type-1, Type-2 diabetes, cholesterol or are prone to cardiac complications. For example, for many COVID patients, blood glucose levels could remain altered (go higher and lower than usual) post-recovery and a revision of medications, doctor’s advice may be needed. Go for frequent checkups, and keep tracking vitals now more than ever.

Biochemistry, creatinine, liver and kidney function tests may also be recommended for the ones at risk.

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